Plan to Meet Your Goals: Not Someone Else’s

Something I’ve learned during hundreds of consultations with business owners and business leaders is that, not surprisingly, everyone’s business goals are vastly different.

The alarming thing I discovered is that so many marketing consultants are not truly asking and helping define the goals of their clients. If a business owner is simply setting forth with a cookie-cutter template marketing plan that any other business uses… You are not going to reach your goals. You’re just not.

The first thing that I do with every business or brand is to have them complete a marketing assessment and audit before we begin building their marketing plan. What’s #1 on the marketing assessment? I ask, “If I could wave a magic wand… What are the things you desire to see in your business? What are your big, lofty long-term goals? Don’t hold back.” Then we’ll talk about your immediate needs. This is how we start to formulate the plan.

So, if you’re not sure if your marketing and advertising investments are going to pay off, first, make sure that your goals are defined and you use those goals to inform your marketing strategy. If you design a plan based on the industry norm’s goals, your plan will likely not succeed. You need that fire and drive for accomplishing your vision.

Ready to stop spinning your wheels and have confidence that the investments you are making are actually going to achieve the goals and growth you desire? Schedule a 15-minute initial audit call to learn about our Customized Step-by-Step Marketing Plan. We’ll build the roadmap that you and your team can be confident in, and we’ll be available to help you to work through the detours and sidetracks that will inevitably happen along the way.

What’s next on a marketing plan after formulating your goals? It’s defining your target audience and your big picture strategy. But we’ll get to that discussion on another day…


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Alissa Paik