Find What’s Working and Double Down

More often than not, business owners reach out to me for advice and are looking for a completely new lead generation source. They are searching for some new marketing miracle or technology that will drive new clients to their business. 

But one of the first questions I ask after learning more about your vision is, “What’s working well in your business?” How are clients finding you today? 

This is one of the best places to start in determining your most robust strategies

This is the magic to finding the next opportunity that will grow more leads for your business. Let’s look at each strategy and align it with what’s already working. If you’ve been ignoring how you’re currently getting clients, you’ll waste time and money that’s not helping you move closer to your goals. 

So I’m asking you today… What’s working in your business? What’s bringing in new clients, and what’s keeping them around as long-term customers?

If word-of-mouth is your best source, don’t ignore it. Let’s harness what people are saying and who is saying it. Let’s grow that referral source and bring it online. We’ll showcase (or highlight) these comments in your messaging and use social proof to transfer the message across your online presence.

New ideas can also be a part of your strategy, but if we ignore what’s working in your marketing today, you’re leaving a lot of tomorrow’s money and opportunity on the table.

Schedule a consult with me, and let’s discuss how we can build new strategies using some of the already-proven results you may not have recognized in your own business.

Alissa Paik