Your FAQs Page Answers Objections + Improves SEO

Leave your customers wondering and you could be missing out on sales… Don’t overlook the value of a frequently asked questions (FAQs) page on your company’s website. By having a detailed FAQ, you will provide answers to customer queries and search engines with the most valuable information about your brand.

How can you make sure your FAQ is really improving your search engine optimization (SEO)? The first key is to make sure your content is written for the user before search engines. The goal of search engines is to fulfill a user’s search intent. If you are answering the questions of your customers and prospective customers, search engines will find your website content valuable. Here is how to do it…

Informative FAQs

Your FAQ allows you to address objections that typically keep your audience from taking the first step in contacting you. This is a great way to keep your potential customers informed about your brand before they assume anything that is not true. Customers are less likely to leave the website if they are satisfied with the answer they find on your FAQ. Your website visitors are split into two groups; those who are searching for something specific or those that are just browsing. Your FAQ needs to accommodate both groups. You can do this by including the practical detailed questions that are asked, but also use this page to showcase the attention paid to your products and your customer service.

Experience FAQs

It will be beneficial for you to include some testimonies from previous customers that have worked with your brand before. Social proof is incredibly meaningful. Potential customers can feel automatic trust by seeing individuals like them who have had a great experience. Include questions from past customers that show how they are now recurring customers because of their experience. Monitor your customer feedback! This allows you to add or replace questions that are needed or not useful on your FAQ.

Strategic Keywords for Strong SEO

An effective FAQ page will greatly improve your search engine optimization (SEO) for keywords in which you want to have a strong online presence. Most customers will only look at the first page of results when they are searching for a specific product or service, so make sure you are taking the time to use proper SEO strategies for the keywords that your prospective customers are searching! Don’t overlook your Google Analytics reporting to see what users are searching to land on your page and how long they are staying.

FAQ and SEO are a partnership, a never-ending cycle. Remember, you are writing content to add value to current and prospective customers. Google gives SEO preference to sites that “fulfill user intent.” If you do not have a FAQ page, now is the time!

Alissa Paik