Your FAQs Page Answers Objections + Improves SEO

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Leave your customers wondering and you could be missing out on sales… Don’t overlook the value of a frequently asked questions (FAQs) page on your company’s website. By having a detailed FAQ, you will provide answers to customer queries and search engines with the most valuable information about your brand. How can you make sure…

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Find What’s Working and Double Down

double down, thrive marketing

More often than not, business owners reach out to me for advice and are looking for a completely new lead generation source. They are searching for some new marketing miracle or technology that will drive new clients to their business.  But one of the first questions I ask after learning more about your vision is,…

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Online + Offline Presence: Do You Really Need Both?


What is the current marketing strategy for your business? Does it include a mix of online and offline tactics? Or, has your team laser-focused on your online marketing? Some blogs and digital agencies may make you think offline marketing is outdated, and it’s not worth the investment. It’s true that offline marketing has taken a…

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Plan to Meet Your Goals: Not Someone Else’s


Something I’ve learned during hundreds of consultations with business owners and business leaders is that, not surprisingly, everyone’s business goals are vastly different. The alarming thing I discovered is that so many marketing consultants are not truly asking and helping define the goals of their clients. If a business owner is simply setting forth with…

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Brand Goals vs Sales Goals: Each are Important to Your Strategy


In some ways sales goals and brand goals may seem like opposites. But, they are two essential pieces of your marketing strategy that together will help to grow a consistent brand and a successful business with longevity. First, let’s define the terms… A sales goal is a quantifiable number within a specific amount of time.…

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